6th Month at Army Navy

After a whole day of packing stuffs and having it transferred to our new apartment, I and my Nelson together with our friend Erika headed to Army Navy, Tomas Morato to celebrate our 6th month anniversary. Too bad that the rest of TEDD and friends could not come. They just missed my Nelson's once in a lifetime treat. Ha!

Oh well. It was actually my friend's idea for us to celebrate there and yes it was an awesome night for us. We had their famous single quarter pounder burger, tasty freedom fries, cheesy quesadillas and libertea. I really enjoyed their food and would definitely recommend to all my friends.
Photos below.


MoiOur friend, Erika
Take out

Burger Add-on


My First at Marsha's

It was my first Marsha's encounter last Monday on our way back to Manila. I and my Nelson spent the weekend in his hometown, Cagayan. So there, I got the chance to drop by at Marsha's on our 3rd bus stop over at around 11pm. I really made sure I was awake that time 'cause the last time we traveled back to Manila, we were sleeping soundly that we missed dropping by at Marsha's. *tear

The place looks way far than what I have imagined of it. I thought of it as just a small place selling only its specialty (royal bibingka) and the likes. You go there, buy, and then leave. To my surprise, they have a Havaianas kiosk in front of their many counters and they also offer this meal-for-the-day thing. Apart from the Havs kiosk, they also have this fridge full of beverages of your choice. Their store, apart from being entirely clean, I must say, is big enough to accommodate passengers of at least 2 buses. And I could attest, they offer really good quality of foods. From taste to its freshness, nothing anyone could complain.

What we got to have that night is a tasty Miki soup with egg. We ordered one plus a brewed coffee and sat on
one of their comfy tables. But the soup is too hot that it's consuming our time cooling it. So we ended up taking out our food plus the coffee. Also, we bought 3 boxes of their famous Royal Bibingka for our families.

Below are some of our Marsha's encounter:

Havaianas Kiosk

Miki w/ egg





The Climb: Mt. Batulao, Nasugbu Batangas

"... Ain't about how fast I get there.
Ain't about what's waiting on the other side,
It's the climb."

-- Miley Cyrus

I still can't imagine how we managed to conquer the steep mountain of Batulao in Nasugbu, Batangas. It was my first climb experience and it wasn't easy at all. Specially for beginners like me. Rock climbing, rappelling, clinging for dear life, I consider it as one of those crucial things I've ever made in m
y entire life. All the more, God is so mighty that He made it possible for us to go up and down the summit safely. I have to admit I wasn't prepared for the climb. I'm a self admitted not-physically-fit. Working out is something I hate doing 'cause I easily run out of breath. My mom's got a heart ailment which probably is the reason why I have respiratory difficulties but it's never the reason for me to say no. I actually remember a time during the climb when I just keep on praying and calling on God's name. I think that was during our summit assault. It is one foggy morning, zero visibility. It was the group's goal to see the sunrise at the top of the summit so we went our way there and that's it! The most crucial part of the climb. Rock climbing. I used to think that rock climbing isn't that essential but when I was actually doing it, that's when I learned the value of life. That feeling when you're stuck in the middle of a climb, when you turn back there's nothing you will see but a steep cliff, you have no choice but to go on. One mistake and you're dead. I am aware that during the climb specially the summit assault, each and everyone of us was praying. And I thank God for hearing our prayers. Reaching the summit is the best feeling of all. It is one great achievement one could ever have. Special thanks to my Nelson, for always including me in such activities. I feel so overwhelmed to be one of those chosen few freedom climbers to reach the summit and witness the beauty of God's creation. It would have been nicer if everyone is given the chance to see it.

After the climb, we treated ourselves a toothsome late lunch/early dinner at Mahogany, Tagaytay. We had the famous Bulalo and Tawilis plus free bananas and pineapples for dessert. Priceless! We also attended a 6-7pm mass at the nearby church. Enough to call it a day. Thanks be to God!

I can't thank God enough for looking after us and making us safe all through out the climb. The climb that made us able to use our talents, build new friendships, strengthen the community and most of all, the climb that made us draw closer to God. Thank you Lord. This achievement is for you. 'Til the next climb!

I and my Nelson